The following lyrics are reprinted with permission.


Parting Shots – Looking down from this spot / Taking pictures of the people / Moving all around the streets of / The city, momentum in a moment / Develop, put it in a gallery / Same people, wrapped up in discussion / Of condition, human condition / We’re so well fed / My mind / And your mind / Are in tune / Today / I know I’m dreaming but I can’t move / Early evening then a bright light / Drifting around, metronome steps / Bustling crowd to empty field / Words are spilling out of my mouth / Speeding up and then slowing / I’ve got one route back home now / And all is good / I am here / Then somewhere else / Park a thought / To aid return / I am here / Then somewhere else / Cold then hot / Cold then hot

Hourglass – You take my time and make it yours / You wear me out and grind me down / I am trying to tell you without flipping out / HAND IN, CLENCH, GRAB, WITHDRAW, WHAT IS THERE / FINGERS, PARTING, NOTHING, DOWN AND AWAY AGAIN / I can’t guess what may soothe on a given day / There’s no pattern / I won’t war it’s not how I see love / I pass you on / If I stay it won’t be for my sake / The time may come, the time may slip away

Pulling Teeth – I am trying to suck out my teeth / I am trying to pull off my arm / So how do you do it / The state that you’re in / Has taken some work / I’ve got some weight to carry / And some weight to shift / Like everybody else / It’s not working / I can pardon your foolish pride / I can tell you when to stop / You can let me in / I can love you til I die / As you know I lie

Well of Grace – You can’t undo what made us love you / You can only push so hard / What you chose in just one moment / Can’t negate your well of grace / How you going to pay the cost / On your own / All the time in the world / Everything, everywhere

Digging Holes – You have found my sweetness / And brought it to the fore / Everything I promise / I’ll deliver and more / This is not familiar / I’ve never been myself / There’s nothing I remember / I need to forget / It’s dark outside and cold outside / Violent outside, chaotic outside / Keep the distance, keep it simple / Keep the distance to keep it simple / That night I did not question / And doubts were kept in check / Time passed and ice was broken / I slept a sleep so deep / Things seem more romantic / When ending in disaster / Dreams can be important / They shouldn’t be your master

Signals – Something from a conversation / Lights your way / If this house could speak / Would it say / All the things it’s seen / From then til now / Listen and compare / See it clear / Just sat and creating / An output with no in / A comfortable fantasy / Around and round / Starting with a sunset / Somewhere unknown / Starting with tomorrow / All blending in / Set the scene again / Play and play along

Internecine – You call out, call out / Sitting with an agent / Who’s telling you there’s better / Things waiting for you / If only you’ll give it up / You’ll see them sorry / Receive an apology / But the hole in your heart / Is not for mending / Things are waiting for you

The Golden Age – The scene was set in stone / There was no golden age / Heading home / From the headfuck / Taking its toll / Gone and bitten off / We were animals / Struggling to breathe / A hunger for / The enemy / Something’s gotten into me / Telling you, honestly / This something will bury me / Will bury me / Push the button /All aflame / Even out / An early gain / Some of youth / Overtaken / Some ideas / No fruition / A hint of recognition / Spared each lost thought / Prolonging the / Lucid dream / Playing out / A fantasy / All guns, all killing

Elephant – You can’t say why / But it somehow stopped / That relentless grief / Was just burning out / And the days are as short / As they have ever been / Come fill them up / With me and my friends/ At your lowest ebb / An epiphany / The house can be sold / The house can be sold / Something so simple / Took a long time to see / The house can be sold / The house can be sold


Heliand – There’s nothing wrong with being lost / Getting caught up in damage / There are things best left behind / Everything I knew was wrong / I’ll stop trying to understand / I’ll stop trying to understand / There are no easy questions / Left inside my head / Is it premonition / Is it cyclical

Avalanche – In the hottest weather I’d ever experience / My frenzied parade drew the talented drones / I’m calming down, I’m calming down / With a practiced poise and a certain look / I’ve got the gut of a condemned man / I’m calming down, I’m calming down / And when it’s written up / For the wider world / Becomes an avalanche / All the gravity / It’s immaterial / That’s why it matters / It’s immaterial / I am out of here

Last exit – Laying in the park, talking shit, as it comes to us / Interrupted by louts talking shit, what could they want from us / Retire to a bar, any near bar, keep us loosening / I think we’re making favourites, tell me all your favourite parts / Any little joy, that you’d like to share, it’s all welcome / Any fleeting motive, I’ve got my ears open, open up to me / I can see it work, we can make it work no problem / I think we’re making certain, think we’re making certain here / EVERY GREATEST FEELING ALWAYS STARTS IN THE BELLY / WE’RE GETTING OLDER BUT STILL WANT AS MANY / IF THE VENUE’S DIFFERENT IT’S AS GOOD AS ANY / IF YOU NEVER MAKE PLANS THEN YOU’LL ALWAYS BE READY / I had met this guy obsessed with the idea that every living thing / Innately wants to die but that is just him and he’s not that bright / I’ve been rooting through all of my past papers, all angular lines / All the fleeting motives, opening and closing, opened up to me / I could see it work, we could make it work, no problem / I think we’re making certain, think we’re making certain here / YOU’RE A SORRY STATE, YOU’RE A FUCKING JEWEL / I’M A CHARMING WRECK HALF OF THE TIME / MY, MY, MY, MY TURN’S YOUR TURN

A chain to break – I dreamed a dream quite recently / Where in the lead it was not me / But some other’s conditioning / Had come to be within my being / With instincts that were not my own / Another way of making sense / I dealt with a flood within my home / And comic-come-brutal, staccato violence / A SPIRAL (TIME AFTER TIME AFTER) / OF LOGIC / TO FOLLOW / OUT OF HABIT / Of all the time I choose to spend / In the past and looking out / At all the things I could have done / About, about, about, about / About what, about when, about time I show myself / And leave the bed and get a shower / Fill the hours and play it out

By gaslight – Like all your joy is set from birth / Doesn’t mean shit what you achieve / You’re born to love or born to hate / And everything that’s inbetween / I run my mouth, you bite your tongue / Pour my heart til nothing’s left / Get this urge to shed my skin / And re-emerge all bloody wet / One more train of thought to crash / And end up dust but hurt my friends / No drugs to blame just natural state / The natural state that I’m born in / Mind over mottoes more than a part in the play / With all the shit in the climate some of it’s gonna stain / Whether by pushing to puncture or from a punch to the gut / Get your gears out of neutral, get your grip in the mud / You might have seen it one way but your filter’s corrupt / You might have fire in your belly but it’s not always enough / And if the piece of the puzzle that you’ve been pulling apart / Isn’t fitting the sequence take it back to the start / Automatic man, man-up and keep him in check / If everything’s still in balance you’ve been repeating yourself / And behind the machine’s another talent but / If you don’t know what you’re feeding, you’re accountable / By gaslight / And routine / From culture / And necessity

Room is cold – Everything I own has been given to me / Most of what I know is just a hand-me-down / When I’m feeling old it’s from lack of sleep / If I’m in the zone it is fortunate / All of the things that we could believe / Your endlessly breaking heart / If you debut I’ll write the sequel / Our close-knit friends keep bugging me / A BOTTLE SHARED, A SECRET SHARED / WE’RE WALL-BUILDING AND SCENE-SETTING / I WANT TO DRIVE / WITH YOU ALL NIGHT / It was perfect but it’s was not is / These memories come sensory / I do not sleep without fantasy / Recurring, always recurring / With head in neck and sucking lip / Deeper breaths and tighter hold now / Room is cold, the room is cold

Four bodies – Four bodies, four female bodies / Above my head for half a second / Descending stairs and fighting fears / Cold skin, quickened heartbeat / Rational, I’m rational, rational / If I recall the melody / I’ll know it meant something to me / I’ll piece it back together from one way in / A reason, my golden reason / Walking out, fists are clenching / In the dark, steps are quickening / Gearing, just gearing to flip out / I wandered up and all around / I made it up and wrote it down / Picked over all the bones I found / And nothing made it better / I want to dream each day away / Until that I am born again / I wrote myself a part to play / It made no difference anyway / My hope is fluctuating / My nerves are inconsistent / I’ve read of a few systems / But they’re more for the many

Zero sum – So follow me leader / Down to / Where love’s a disease and the light is a trick / ¬†And the families breed for numbers / With a sickly grin they keep eating shit / And we’re breathing in leaden air here / WE CAN BUILD OUR FIRES / AND GRAB OUR GUNS / STAND OUR GROUND / ZERO SUM / Take charge of the camera / Lean in / Got a beautiful sight, in the shot for the win / Take a breath, take a breath, feeling the moment / If the victory’s to last then this place can’t be it / Through the doubts are our hearts still beating

Admit one – There’s nothing like acting like a bastard / And hurting the one you love / To pull you out yourself / And make you try harder / You’re nothing if you keep retreating / You’re nothing if you don’t face up / I’m going to get closer / I’m going to get closer